1. Realization of studies and research- in support of development models in designing policies and strategies for Sustainable Development, environment, competition, start-ups, education etc, in relevant fields;

2. Organizing and implementation of training and consultancy - for businesses, young people, young entrepreneurs, local and central administration, in areas of sustainable development, tourism, environment, technology, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, etc.

3.Participation in local, national, international and EU/UN projects- partnering with international institutions of education, local and central administration, the world of business, market and entrepreneurship, international institutions and organizations, with the aim of:
-bringing new and innovative models to the benefit of the public, communities and institutions;
-building and supporting sustainable central and local policies.

4.Support and organization of seminars, conferences, workshops in the fields of Sustainable Development, Environment, Tourism, Technology Innovation, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Financial Instruments and Services, Start-up, etc;

5.Supporting the private sector and entrepreneurship in marketing and financial services activities.

Institute for Sustainable Development, Environment and Tourism