Activities and news post COVID 19.

  • Category      :    International
  • Date              :    2021

Purpose of Activites

Recently, we are living in a different world. COVID 19 pandemic has changed everything, and we have to deal with health emergency impacting all our lives, economies and societies.

Economies and especially sectors such as Tourism are suffering from lower revenues, lower growth, challenge of jobs and raise of unemployment. Digitalization in the economy has helped in many ways in this difficult situation to support many activities, to support communication and information as well as businesses that have been agile and flexible to react.

Institute for Sustainable Development, Environment and Tourism in Albania is involved in a huge network to discuss in relation to the post covid revitalization of economies in a sustainable way. International Post Covid Tech Forum takes place in 22 March 2021, organized by Business and Technology University, Georgia, with discussion from InSET: “Towards a close approach post covid within tourism and digitalization in Higher Education”

Institute for Sustainable Development, Environment and Tourism