Market Study and Report: “Creative Industries: Artisans – Innovative Products Development Challenges”.

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  • Category      :    Studies and Research
  • Date              :    5 August - 16 October 2017

Purpose of the project

Identify the situation of the handicraft sector, its products and capacity to adapt with the aim of expanding the sector for the international tourism market.

Short Description

This study was conducted in the framework of “Exhibition of Artisans and Traditions Gjirokastra 2017”, and “ArgjiroFest 2017”. The report was presented in the Round Table organized by Gjirokastra Foundation and Municipality of Gjirokastra: “Gjirokastra and Ecotourism – Potential and Challenges”.

Completed activites

  • Lead partner (organizer of the conference):
  • Raised partnership for the conference with following institutions:

    •Collaboration in Organizing of event “ArgjiroFest 2017” , especially Handicraft fair
    •Communciation with stakeholders and interested institutions and actors
    •20 Interviews directed to operators in handicraft in Albania
    •Analysed data and delivered final report.

Project future

Some results of the report and recommendations for the future:

  • The most successful products of this market in the Gjirokastra region are embroidery and other handicrafts, knitwear, silver, decorative ceramic, iron, wood etc.

  • There is little or no support for the planning, organization, marketing of products and their distribution by artisans associations or joint organizations
  • The growth of tourism and especially the increase in the number of foreign tourists are seen as the most important trends for the growth of the activity and product of this market. As a result, artisans are also faced with increasing demands for some innovations in their product, mainly related to functional suitability, or innovations that also include the traditional element. They give the average innovation significance to their product by not seeing it in the positive sense and this is one of the challenges facing foreign tourism market because there is a need for a better understanding of its innovation and its need in the market of handicrafts that rely mainly on the traditional element. The most obstructive elements for innovation in this market are mainly the lack of training on the differentiating ways and services that lead to innovation, problems with disinfection and possible differentiation.

Institute for Sustainable Development, Environment and Tourism