Entrepreneurial women project, workshop

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  • Category      :    Entrepreneurship, Workshop
  • Date              :    1 February – 15 March

Purpose of the project

Provide women with different levels of involvement not only in political life but also business, economy, community, youth education, etc., some sustainable models for increasing engagement in small and medium enterprises such as and fostering the creation of start ups, joint ventures, enhancing cooperation for new businesses, affecting local economic growth, employment, income and output.

Short Description

The need for approaching the relationship between women problems/issues in the society and entrepreneurship comes because of International criterion - National attention - Local necessity.

  • a. Attention to the international levels of women's participation in politics, reflected also in the international demands of certain associations;
  • b. Increasing the participation of women in politics as a result of the increase and strengthening of women entrepreneurship in all the sectors of the economy;
  • c. Actual Low levels of women in creating new businesses and start ups;
  • d. Growth of SMEs and the need for more involvement of women;
  • e. Women as a group that, actively involved in sustainable development models, can orientate and influence the better solution of social and economic problems at regional level.

Target group of participants: women of different ages, new and existing entrepreneurs, women in the direction and management of new and existing businesses.
The focus of the workshop is to:

  • 1. Increase entrepreneurial skills of women in many areas, especially in politics and the service sector;
  • 2. Increase skills and communication ethics in support of entrepreneurship.
The explanation of some basic concepts, relationship with concrete cases and the use of participation method of women are the three elements that intertwine and make active the form of the workshop. For some important issues for the region, guidance will be given to promote group work and attract individual opinions from entrepreneurial experiences

Completed activites

  • 1. Promotion of the initiative, partnership with the “Forum for the women”
  • 2. Workshop: Women entrepreneurship
  • 3. Continuity through meetings with potential partners interested in developing women as a key target for sustainable development.
  • 4. Cooperation agreements with institutions and CSOs

Project future

At the end of the workshop the results are:

  • 1. A number of women trained for entrepreneurial and communicative skills and building capacities for partnership and interaction.
  • 2. Presentation of concrete ideas for start-up or improvement of existing businesses (concrete cases will arise during group work). Selecting at least 2-3 cases for future implementation.

Project sustainability

In order for the training program to be promoted and serve as a basis for the continuous development of innovative ideas related to women's entrepreneurship, the establishment of start-ups and the improvement of existing enterprises, we intend to sign partnerships with institutions such as:

  • Vlora Municipality and other interested municipalities in the region or outside the region.
  • NGOs with a common focus on supporting joint projects or promoting such initiative to various donors.

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